Saturday, November 20, 2010

i'm doing nothing, cause then at least i'm doing nothing wrong

I'm so happy it's finally weekend, this week has been overly busy. It's so grey everywhere, and it's been raining all evening.. Luckily I don't have to go outside.I have newest movies that i can watch. I bought new newspapers and I want read it ; ) At least perfect weather for this kind of evenings! At the next week I plan will go to the shop becouse I need buy new clothes for winter. I hope that in my city are new collections. Unfortunately, I can't go to Warszawa or Łódź.

I will show my outfit tomorow evening, becouse I haven't pictures  ;( 
See you tomorow <3

Breakfast. This was a luxury breakfast, usually it's just something boring like porridge or bread.

My favourite cream to hand this's .

My newest cosmetics for Avon.
1. Smoothing face mask.
2.Luminous face.
3.Iluminating body lotion.
It's really good and I like this smell.

What are you thing about this cosmetics ? What's your favourite cosmetics ? 
(please answer) 

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  1. ja bym zamieniła tylko te parówki na marchewkę ub pomidora... ; )

  2. `mniam ;]]
    kocham rzodkiewki, hoduje je na swojej działce ;DD

  3. oooh, thank you so much! you can follow me if you want!

    invite to

    i like AVON's cosmetics- they're so good! :)

  4. Hi :)
    Thank you for your sweet comment!
    You can follow me as well..
    I would follow you,´but I can't find a button to push! :(

  5. hello, thank you for your sweet comment. i love your style. you have some fab tights!

    can we follow each other? i would love some new followers



    now following you

  6. Moje kosmetyki to głównie kremy, maście na AZS i problemy z cerą;) Poza tym jakiś balsam, najczęściej z oriflame'u i tyle^^

  7. nice :) thanks for commenting my blog

  8. używam dokładnie tego samego serum i maseczki :)

  9. I like Planet Spa too:)
    Usually, i like the Avon Cosmetics

  10. hello!!!!!! thank you for entering to my blog

    your blog is really lovely!!!

    I'm sorry, because I do not talk a lot english, but I drop over your blog and it tries to write you:)

    I expect that your follow entering to my blog.

    i follow you!!!!!!!!


  11. thanks for posted me, i´m following you :)

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog, I followed your's :) I love Avon products, especially their shampoo and lip balms. I love to use Estee Lauder mascara and eyeshadow, Dr LeWinn's moisturisers and facial products and almost any lip balm - I have a huge collection. My current favourites are probably Lip Smackers and those from They have over 500 flavours and they are practically edible, I just discovered them recently when I won some in a giveaway. I love to paint my toenails too, especially with Revlon or OPI polishes. ^_^

  13. May give this handcream a go when my dove one runs out :)

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment!! I like your blog as well and followed it :) You can follow me back


  15. Avon,really good cosmetic :))
    follow me if you want :)

  16. I really love Nivea :D
    And I also own the Smoothing face mask and the Luminous face treatment xD


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