Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm waking disaster

Today is Saturday. I promised to add new pictures.
I now have a well-deserved time to relax. I'm so happy it's finally the weekend, this week has been overly busy. Now I can finally relax by drinking tea, eating cake and watching tv!I'm going to shop with Oli next weekend.
Unfortunately I didn't have the camera before so  I couldn't add any photos. Now I can show you my outfit today. Have a nice evening everyone ♥


Now I can show you my today outfit.

t-shirt - Atmosphere, England
skirts -
leggings - H&M
shirt - ordinary shop ( it's for men)
Today I bought the Avanti. I really like to read it!


  1. nice <33
    but I think that you should ask somebody for taking photos because pictures from hand are not strictly clear.


  2. I know but I don't think about it ; )
    Next photo will be better :*

  3. thank u so much for ur sweet comment! u have a lovely blog too, gonna follow u up to now! maybe u want to follow us too..?! :)
    xxx Marilena

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  5. You look amazing! i'm following you ; )

  6. Widzę że koszule w kratkę robią furorę :)

  7. Nice outfit!
    You are cute ;)

  8. Hello Martienn!! As I promised I am!! Nice blog!! :)
    If you are interested in something of my creations, just contanct me!!

  9. cute cute blog !!
    thanks for youre comment and you can follow me to if you want :)

  10. Beautiful photos, beautiful girl. Especially nice smile ... eheh ... i joke. Did you read my post: viva berlusconi. I do not know if you speak Italian. I explain, is ironic. I hate Berlusconi.

    Nice to meet you!


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